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5 Elite Skills That Peg You as Upper-Management Material

The road to upper management is more competitive than ever as the job market becomes saturated with countless potential employees looking to set themselves apart. Anyone that wants to transition into a managerial position should be able to adopt these five skills and traits that will have company owners, HR departments, and all other superiors take notice.

1. Flawless Organizational Skills

Having great organizational skills is not just about keeping a to-do list or updating one’s calendar. Upper-management must have flawless organizational skills without letting anything slip through their fingers. This means staying on top of every deadline or meeting with an unending list of other tasks going through their head at the same time.

2. The Ability to Work with Multiple Cultures

Having a “global mindset” is one of the most invaluable skills that a potential upper-level employee can possess. The world of business has become increasingly integrated and even local brick-and-mortar offices will work with a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. Having the ability to work well with individuals from all backgrounds can make all the difference.

3. A Passion to Learn

When upper-level management is looking at their list of employees and wondering which ones are ready to be brought up into leadership or managerial positions, they want to see individuals with a passion to learn and a willingness to go the extra mile. Sometimes this means being willing to work while attaining a graduate degree, something that certain companies will be willing to fund in order to build out their employees’ skills. You may choose a Norwich Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, an MBA, or even an economics master. There are a multitude of grad degree programs that will seriously separate yourself from your peers.

4. Unparalleled Presentation Skills

One of the first things that students will learn in graduate-level management courses is world-class presentation skills. Managers not only need to be able to condense and analyze data, they must be able to present it to a wide range of audiences in a succinct and easily-digestible manner. Many times, this is going to include the use of new technology as it is adopted into the workplace.

5. Compassion

While this one may seem odd, compassion can actually be an invaluable skill for managers who are looking to become as effective team leaders as possible. Compassion plays a big role when it comes to the amount of respect given to an individual and even their ability to look at problems or situations from multiple angles in order to make informed decisions.

6. Adaptability

It should go without saying that every manager needs to be flexible and adaptable at all times. No matter how organized or efficient a company or a team may be, problems can and will happen throughout the years. The ability to take these situations in stride is the mark of a truly great manager.


Successful management is almost an art form that requires a special type of individual. Exemplifying these skills and traits is the quickest way to catch the attention of one’s superiors on the race to a promotion.

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