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5 Reasons to Attend the Company Holiday Party

The holiday season is known for shopping, good food, and holiday parties.  Whether it’s an ugly sweater party or a white elephant gift exchange, don’t be a scrooge or a grinch – attend!  If you’re the type who doesn’t like going to holiday parties, consider how it can be a great job search method.  Here are some reasons why you should attend a company holiday party.

5 Reasons to Attend Company Holiday Parties

  1. Expand Your Network – Networking is the best way to make genuine connections with people.  Going to holiday parties allows you to make new connections and allows others to get to know you beyond a resume.  Certainly don’t attend a holiday party with a resume in hand, but make connections and continue nurturing the relationships you establish.
  2. Insider Information – Beyond relationship building, rubbing elbows with people is a great way to do some reconnaissance.  Harness the power of word-of-mouth and get some insider information on unadvertised jobs, potential future needs of a company, or any “big” news such as expansion that may give you an indication of things to come in the future so you can follow up.
  3. Build Rapport with the Team – Company holiday parties are an opportunity to build rapport with team members, including the boss and the boss’ boss.  Skipping out can demonstrate a lack of team spirit and is a huge missed opportunity.
  4. Demonstrate your Awesomeness – People usually have their guard down at holiday parties and the alcohol certainly helps people loosen up.  This offers a great opportunity for you to join in on important discussions to contribute your awesome ideas to demonstrate your knowledge and strategic thinking.  The holiday party may be the only chance you get to have a candid, intimate conversation with top management and it will allow you to demonstrate a positive attitude, strong interpersonal skills, and other valuable leadership qualities.
  5. Have Fun – Don’t forget the obvious.  Have fun with your co-workers and make new friends.  Holiday parties are a great time to simply have fun and enjoy the company of others.  Plus, people are drawn to you if you’re having fun which will strategically provide opportunities to connect with others.


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