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6 Purposeful Careers That Pay Well

If you are a recent high school graduate, the process of choosing a purposeful career that pays well can be difficult. To make the selection process easier, consider pursuing one of the top paying jobs of 2014.

A surgeon is a doctor who performs a variety of procedures to treat patients. Typical patients usually have health problems, injuries from accidents, or diseases. Various surgical technologies and instruments are used by surgeons when they undergo basic operations. If you pursue this career path, you will need a doctoral degree in medicine and a four-year college degree.

If you would like to be respected for the work that you do, consider a career as a physician. Employment possibilities for physicians range from traditional jobs and jobs at specialized companies, such as Alia Healthcare Services. The salary of a physician varies based on specialty and experience; however, most individuals receive above-average earnings. The only disadvantages of pursuing this career is that the training process is time-consuming and the job is quite stressful.

Since a psychiatrist is a medical doctor, therapy and medications are often used to treat patients who have behavioral, emotional, or metal problems. Psychiatrists and psychologists have different job requirements. Psychologists cannot use medications to treat patients; they can only use therapy treatments.

Orthodontists develop and design alignment tools and braces that help patients straighten their jaws and teeth. To land an orthodontist job, you will need a general dentistry degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a dentist earns nearly $161,750 annually. In addition, people who run their businesses in big metropolitan areas earn much more. The top-paying states for dental businesses are Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Delaware.

If you choose to become a dentist, you will have to move around frequently throughout the day. For example, when you tackle dental treatments, you must bounce from one client to another. However, being a dentist is rewarding because you will build solid relationships with your patients throughout the years.

Petroleum Engineer
Many types of engineers are in high demand, so a career as a petroleum engineer is a good choice. In India and China, there is a rising demand for oil. Though, because petroleum engineers earn high salaries, a high-quality education is required. Although most universities offer four-year programs, some colleges also offer five-year programs, which are quite rigorous. However, after you gradate and land a job, you will enjoy traveling to different cities during the first few years of your career.

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