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A Smart Guide to Make A Freelance Living

Some people might not know but you can actually make a living in freelancing. And guess what, it’s not as hard as it seems. Freelancing is a good stepping stone to start your own business and gain a doable career in itself. So why not consider to take the leap into the freelance economy and see for yourself how happier you could be working on your own schedule.


If you find yourself dreading work in the morning or unable to relax at the end of the week, then perhaps you might want to take a full-time go to the freelance game. Anyone can venture into this kind of business however, you must not forget to offer something valuable to your customers because that’s where your freelance living will depend on.

1. Know How to Build Your Brand Identity


Freelancing industry is growing like never before. The competition is getting more intense because many people are already into it. Create a remarkable identity and develop your personal brand to stand out among other freelancers and gain more freelance works. Build your reputation by showing your worth as a freelancer to develop a strong advantage in the competitive market.


Choose your target niche for an easier marketing strategy. Do not forget to create your personal website. Blogging is very popular nowadays and you can publish blogs on your website making it as one stop shopping portal for your readers and target customers. Brand yourself by writing interesting contents to attract online readers and also practice to be active in social media.

2. Know the Significance of Online Visibility


Being a freelancer is also about being visible online. Learn to engage in different online communities and interact with others. It would help you develop your credibility as a freelancer and could give you more potential customers or clients.

3.  Know the Power of Networking

Some says half of success of freelancers is determined by what they know and the other is by who they know. Broadening your network in the freelance industry will help you find freelance opportunities. They can become your possible source of future freelance work.If you’re working online, the more that you need to connect with people because a diverse professional network will help you win clients and customers.

4. Know the Importance of Over Delivering


In freelancing, over delivering is more important than making promises. Customers and clients always look for freelancers who can exceed projects expectations. Always provide quality service and never submit an incomplete work, no matter how little it pays. Aim for excellence because that matters in any business.


5. Know How to Increase Productivity


One of the benefits of being a freelancer is that you have the freedom to set your working schedule and rules. Don’t be like others who mismanaged their time then wonder at the end of the day where all their time went.To become more productive you have to define your working hours and create your target goals. Without clear goals, it would be tough to track your progress. Multi-tasking is good but doing one task at a time is much better. You’ll find your productivity increases along with the quality of your work.

6. Know the Work System That Works for You


Everyone has their own ways to get things done. If you feel you’re on your best productive self during early mornings then you might want to get up early and start working. But if you are a night owl, you can do your freelance job during the night. There are no secrets in getting things done on time, you just need to have a systematic plan on how to do it. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Find an easy and quick ways on how you can track your progress in your freelance living.


There are so many great things about being a freelancer and one of which is having the independence in making creative decisions and working in flexible hours. But you must not forget that to become successful in this business you have to learn good balancing skills and time management. Assess yourself if you are fully ready  to embark on a freelance living. Once you’ve decided, you can apply all the things mentioned above.

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