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Content with your First Degree? Here is why you shouldn’t be

It is never too late to think about getting another degree or certification despite the fact that you already have one that is recognized globally. The recession and other economic volatilities have put career prospects in uncertainty and high paying jobs will pick up only the most suitable candidates. A bachelor’s degree in any stream, whether it is in Engineering, Science, Arts, Commerce, Business Administration, etc was quite a lucrative career stepping stone in the past decade, but that is not the case today.

Things have changed and so have the attitudes of recruiters. Productivity and performance have become the crucial priorities rather than just the number of employees hired in a business quarter or year.

For both of the aspects mentioned above i.e. productivity and performance, recruiters go in for the most suitable candidates. When unemployment rate across the world is high, finding a job with just a bachelor’s degree is slightly more difficult. Hence it is advisable to opt for a recognized second degree or post graduation course or a certification program to improve your chances of getting selected from one in a hundred to one in 5.

For most candidates having a bachelor’s degree, the choice of a second degree would obviously be an MBA or Masters in Business Administration. MBA has several streams to offer which might be of interest to people having a flair for fields such as general management, financial regulations, creative leadership, Human Resource administration, business marketing strategies and so on.

But for those having a business administration bachelor’s degree, these qualities or skills would be already nurtured in them. Hence they can go in for advance certification programs which would refine their managerial skills. Thus they would be entitled to become better resources for the organizations that hire them.

Today, students have to really think beyond their initial career choices. Of course time and money is a problem, but you have several higher degree programs available in the US, Canada and European countries which allows you to work and study in parallel. In such a case, funding your study won’t become a big problem as you fear it would be. Internship programs with top enterprises are a good choice to get employed either in that enterprise itself or in other top enterprises in the same grade.

The recession might worry you about the dropping pay scale everywhere, but trust us when we say this: If you have the skills, your pay check will be fatter than you ever imagine. Obviously everyone has some skill in them. It is only a matter of how you refine them. Opting for a higher degree or an advanced certification program can surely help you tide over these weaknesses and place you in that dream job you have always wanted.

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