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FaceWash App Allows You to Scrub Your Facebook Account for a Professional Makeover


Everyone is guilty of saying something in haste that they wish would have never came out of their mouths.  However, on social media, what is said in discussion threads is searchable and indexed by Google.  Facebook recently announced Graph Search which enhances one’s search ability on the Facebook platform allowing users to conduct more advanced search queries using the data from Facebook’s entire social ecosystem.  One of the implications of this new feature is enhanced people search for the purpose of recruiting.  If there wasn’t already good enough reason for job seekers to clean up their Facebook (and all other) profiles, this simply adds to the argument for why one should.  The recruiting process is changing for employers and social profile data has become increasingly important to recruiters.  Thus, it should be increasingly important for job seekers to manage their social profiles.

FaceWash App

FaceWash is an app developed to help people cleanse their Facebook profiles from profanity.  The FaceWash app connects to your Facebook account, scans your profile for a list of predefined words that are potentially profane  and then presents you with the results.  The FaceWash app shows you results from your Facebook wall, your tagged photos,  your photos, your liked links, your liked photos, your status updates and your pages.  You can then click on the individual result to delete or edit the potentially profanity.   This tool makes it easier for Facebook users to scrub their accounts for a professional makeover.

Try it yourself! Go to the FaceWash App.

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