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HOW TO: Get a Vanity URL for Your Google Plus Profile

If you are an early adopter of Google Plus, you know that the URL for your profile is pretty messy.  Who can put followed by 21 numbers on their business card or their email signature?  Other social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn introduced a feature to allow users to create a vanity URL but I could not find this feature anywhere for Google Plus.  So, how do you get a vanity URL for your Google Plus profile?

Luckily, I follow Lori Taylor and have subscribed to her newsletter for her awesome blog, Social Caffeine.  If you don’t follow her or her blog, I highly recommend it!  From Lori, I learned of, a tool that allows you shorten your Google Plus profile URL and create a vanity URL.  It’s pretty simple.  You simply open your Google Plus profile and cut and paste the string of numbers after the “” portion of your profile URL.  You then go to, paste the string of numbers in the box labeled “Your Google+ ID,” identify your nickname in the box labeled, “Nick Name,” and press “Add.”  The site will generate a vanity URL for your Google Plus URL.  My URL is

Message me on Twitter if you’d like an invite to Google Plus.

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