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HOW TO: Make Your Office Desk More Enjoyable

Whether you’re working a regular 9-5 shift or the infamous night shift, making your desk more enjoyable should be a top priority on your list. Why? Because when your desk is more fun and comfortable to work at, you automatically experience better productivity without feeling very stressed out. In the following article we discuss a few simple ways to make your office desk more fun…

#1: Clean It Up: The first step that you should take to have a better desk is to clean it up! Having different sets of desk toys spread all over your desk may sound tempting, but it will only leave it more cluttered. So remove any of those items that you feel are of no use and then once clean, add some fun accessories to fill the space.

#2: Get a Better Chair: The average worker sits on his/her chair for 8 hours or more. So it only makes sense to change the chair and go for something that is much more comfortable. A chair that only makes you feel relaxed but also helps you get the correct posture while sitting. The better your chair is, the easier it will be for you to be your best at what you’re doing.

#3: Add Some Pictures: Adding pictures to your desk is a common way to improve your desk experience and make it more fun. However, when do so, you have to keep certain things in mind. First off, you shouldn’t overdo with the photographs. About 3-4 pictures of your family should be enough – nothing more than that. Also, keep in mind that maintaining professionalism is important so make sure the pictures are decent. You can either hang them on the wall or place a nice, single framed family picture at the desk.

#4: Have a Candy Jar: An easy way to have an enjoyable desk and at the same time meet people around the office is to have a candy jar! Your co-workers will want to stop by your desk and have a chat with you while they enjoy your candy. Besides that, candy also tends to add color to your workspace. If you want a healthier option, then go for dry fruits such as almonds or cashew nuts .

#5: Choose a Theme: Having an overall theme for your office desk can make a huge difference to it. For example, if you’ve got a collection of vases that you got from your trip to Egypt, then bring them to hold your pencils or pens. Apart from that, you can also pin up bright, photos/artwork or add in a nice desk “zen garden” to have that amazing, peaceful feeling while you work.

In conclusion, making your desk fun is not just about adding things, but it’s also about doing everything you can to make yourself more productive while you do so. The ideas that we discussed above are great for a start, but if you want you can get more creative with your workspace!

What tips do you have to make your office desk more enjoyable?

This is a guest post from Becky W.

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