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How To Run A Cutting Edge HR Department

People who work in human resources (HR) have a weight of responsibility. As positions become available in a company, the HR department is responsible for hiring qualified people, as well as training department heads to do their jobs correctly. Maintaining cohesiveness in the workplace and promoting a productive work environment is the priority of most people who work in HR. But this goal isn’t easily achievable and can be even more difficult if you are outsourcing your HR.

Running a cutting edge HR department requires skill, determination and a genuine interest in the company. Some hiring managers are indifferent to the process. As a result, they rush the application process and hastily hire new personnel. Aoutsoun effective HR department is the complete opposite and these professionals go to great lengths to do what’s in the best interest of the company.

1. Verifying information on a resume. A mediocre human resource team may take the information on an applicant’s resume and application at face value. But a skilled HR department knows better. With few jobs available and many applicants vying for the same positions, some job seekers exaggerate their experience. However, a simple employment verification check can confirm an applicant’s employment record, wherein the HR department can hire the most qualified person for the job.

2. Background screening. Some human resource departments never conduct a background check on potential employees. This is extremely dangerous given the fact that some jobs involve the handling of money or medications. Employment screenings can provide information on an applicant’s credit history, and reveal whether the person has a criminal history. Background checks can also reveal any military service, medical records and school records.

3. Hiring decision. The hiring process is subjective, and unfortunately, some HR personnel base their decisions on superficial factors, such as their “gut” feeling. Hiring an individual on factors other than one’s qualifications can have a negative impact on the overall function in a particular department. If this person isn’t the most qualified for the job, they may require excess training or need constant assistance. This can slow productivity in the office.

While most HR departments have to fill positions by a certain date, this isn’t an excuse to rush the process. Likewise, an effective department understands the benefits of building a strong workforce after hiring new personnel. For this reason, it’s important for HR to maintain an open door policy that allows other department heads and managers to provide feedback on employees. Additionally, HR should conduct periodic employee evaluations. This is the department’s opportunity to meet with employees and discuss expectations, offer commendation, or make suggestions for improvement.

This is a guest post from Becky W.

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