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How To Find Your Dream Job With Social Media

Using Social Media to Find Dream Job

Every often we come across the word ‘Social Media’ in today’s technology driven world. One of the widely followed dictionary definition of this word is “participatory online media that utilizes the group to write and direct content, rather than a read-only media. It allows for direct contact between participants.” In this definition, the latter part is very important in the context we are talking about. Recently, there is the hot discussion on whether employers have right to access employees’ social media passwords, and now it is regulated in the federal labor law posters. Social media can be an invaluable and highly potential tool in helping you with your job search efforts. This article discusses some proven ways you can use your social media for finding your dream job.

You will appreciate the fact that most great jobs come through networking. Networking is perhaps a more viable way to find good jobs than mailing out resumes and applying on job boards. By learning to make use of the social media well, your chances to find a better job is much easier. There are five actions you need to bear in mind while you move in this line.

Identify your career path, determine your goals and visualize success:
Goal directed efforts yield more potential results. Identify where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Keep this as your guide. Be clear about your job search goals before you step into social media for job search. Visualize you being successful at the other end and keep marching towards realising this end.

Sign up with LinkedIn and make the best use of it
While entering the details in your profile, never leave out anything. Be more informative to tell about yourself in an impressive way so that your profile stands out well from the rest giving you a winning edge. Post a professional picture in your profile. This is not a place to do kidding. Your summary should tell all about your professional worth in a nutshell. Include your specialties in the list to be viewed by people. Mention about all your skills and expertise.

Make use of Facebook to connect with future employers and establish your professional worth
‘Like’ the pages of the businesses that you like. Whenever businesses post some information of interest to you, comment on it and enhance your visibility in the social network. Post content relevant to your profession and never publish any controversial material.

Use Twitter to follow businesses of interest and get to know industry related information and news
While you create your Twitter brand, let it reflect your brand. Search for industry keywords, companies and cities and follow companies and people in your field. Share some interesting articles related to your industry, quotes or facts in a way as to draw the attention of people in your network. In an effort to stay visible, tweet individuals of interest to trigger a conversation.

Use YouTube Productively
Make and upload a video resume highlighting your personality, skills and accomplishments. Participate in online contests announced by employers seeking to recruit employees. Search for industry related titles and people to learn from them. Comment on good videos and post them on your other social media sites.


This is contributed content from guest blogger, Ivy Liu.

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