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Maximizing Your Home Office Space

Working from home is a phenomena that is becoming more and more prevalent in our internet-savvy and globalizing society. With email, social networking, cell phones, Skype, video sharing, file sharing, and everything else under the sun, many workers are finding themselves at home rather than in the office.

Although this can be great for many people, some struggle with finding the right way to stay organized. The work space slowly becomes storage for winter coats and beach umbrellas, as well as your kids toys and extra house supplies. In order to keep yourself organized and you work on the right track, you’ll need to give yourself an actual space to work and keep your things stored elsewhere or out of sight. Doing this will create a more practical workspace, allowing you to feel less like you’re at home and more like you’re at work.

You should also invest in some practical storage and scheduling items. Filing cabinets and shelves will help you keep your papers and books stored away while also providing easy accessibility. Scheduling items such as calendars and whiteboards are a great way to stay on top of tasks and meetings, especially when they’re hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk. Sites like offer a variety of products that will help you stay organized and efficient during your workday.

Another great way to work efficiently is to use a whiteboard or bulletin board to keep notes, papers and help yourself organize your thoughts. Many offices incorporate whiteboards into their meetings to keep everyone on track and on the same page. This will help you visualize your ideas and arrange your thoughts to maximize your work potential at home.

Along with keeping your work space free of clutter, you should also only use it for work purposes. Don’t use your office to do crafts, catch on up on correspondence with friends or eat lunch. By creating an area specifically for work and you will feel more productive and motivated while you’re in your office. Although it’s difficult to do this, try to keep it as separate from your personal life as possible–it will make your work day much more efficient.

Working from home can be a daunting task, especially for people who don’t consider themselves to be organized. But with the right tools, a motivated mindset and an appropriate environment, your home office can help you be more productive and achieve your goals.

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