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Moving to a New City to Find Work? Try These Tips to Expedite Your Job Search

Finding a job after college is not a herculean task for a graduate, but what if the job sought by the student must be in another city? Such a situation can become highly challenging as you will have to carry out the entire process of job search from a distance, which may not always be very fruitful for job seekers who are not so tech-savvy. For those who need insights about what to do to find work in a new city, here are some useful tips that can help you successfully run a long-distance job search before you make the final move.

Prepare Yourself for the Future

It can be a struggle for a recently graduated student to find a job in an alien land. You may face hurdles that will limit your probability of success. There will be a number of locals vying for the same position that you want and most hiring managers in a foreign country will prefer hiring their own people, leaving very few positions for you to apply for. In such a situation, the first step is to create a resume that can be easily customized and sent out to potential employers. Then, you should follow the given steps to boost the process of job search.

Update Your Online Presence

Before you make the actual move, make sure you update all your online profiles, especially your LinkedIn account. Update the experience, education and contact information section and make sure you also mention the new number you are going to use. You can also mention that you are available for hire and what type of work you are looking.

Find and Apply to the Best Organizations in Your Future Community

Begin researching about the job market and the employers in the city you are moving to. It is advisable that you read surveys and join online groups and circles to know about the best places to work and seek job leads. This will help you evaluate your prospects and what you must possess in terms of qualifications, experience and skills to successfully land a good job.  Make sure create a watch list with names of organizations you can apply to. Keep a close tab on the vacancies in these firms.

Seek Aid from Betterment Organizations like the Local Chamber of Commerce

Members of organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce, are leaders in their respective communities and often know about who’s hiring where, even if the job posting has not been made public. Find out about the names and associations of these leaders so that you know about the inside scoop on the current openings in town.

Reach Out to Your Existing Network

Let your family, friends and acquaintances know that you are planning to shift base and ask if they know someone who might be able to help you with any leads on potential employment. Run a search on LinkedIn and Facebook to check for any mutual contacts. You’ll be in luck if you find a connection. Request them for a casual introduction and try to market yourself as the perfect employee. However, do not make it look likea sales pitch or pressurize them for a job.

Print Business Cards

This may sound silly at first, but it will help you immensely as you will continue to meet several new people even after you have settled in the new city. Business cards will help people remember your name and educational background and can refer you for work.

Even though it may take time, the above steps will help you lay hands on some meaty jobs in a new location. Till then, you may begin working as a freelancer to start the inflow of funds.

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