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If You Want Employers to Notice You, Stand in Front of Traffic

If you Make it Easier, it is More Likely Employers will Notice You
Consider your goal when you submit a resume to an employer.  You want the employer to contact you for an interview.  Consider the goal in the interview which is to gain an offer to continue in the hiring process until you are offered the job.  A basic, common sense premise everyone can agree upon is that the easier you make it for the employer to understand how you suit their needs better than anyone else, the more likely the employer will agree with your argument that you are the best candidate.  If you can agree on that, then imagine how much easier you make it for an employer to learn about the value you offer if they can search you on the internet and find the information you want them to see.  Better yet, imagine how easier you make it for employers to know your value if they don’t have to search for you but somehow, they stumble upon you. 

The best way to get noticed is to find your audience and stand directly in front of them.  Essentially, imagine the employer audience whose attention you want is traffic – what I’m saying is stand in front of them; go find them!  Taking control of your digital footprint (your brand) is one step, but once you’ve developed your brand, who do you want to see it and how do you get them to see it?  Some have called the concept of the reverse job search egovertising – advertising your ego.  Call it what you want, but getting noticed simply means you are excellent at self marketing and promotion which is essentially what every job seeker is doing when they want a job.  Check out these innovative and inspiring self marketing tactics:

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