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Super Creative Twitter User Hustles a Job

Most people have seen the Google Experiment or the super creative QR code resume that landed Victor Petit a marketing gig but this Twitter Hustle is arguably the most clever job hustle yet.

How it Worked
The user realizes that the top 5 new followers to one’s Twitter account always appear in the upper right corner of that person’s Twitter page.  Using this simple fact, the user created five different Twitter accounts with the first four having the profile image of “H,” “IR,” “E,” “U,” and the fifth having the profile image of “S.”  Using these five Twitter accounts, the user followed Creative Directors of companies for which they wanted to work.  The five new follows spelled “Hire Us” and it got the attention of several Creative Directors.  Once the Creative Directors clicked on the message, they were directed to the portfolio on the user’s Twitter timeline.  The user eventually landed a job!

Check out the Video!

Twitter Job Hustle from Wonder Years on Vimeo.

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