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Success is Not About Resources – It’s About Resourcefulness

Loving What You Do

What it is it we are chasing when we are after our career goals?  In a previous post, I talked about the true meaning of passion. If you are after your career goals, you should be after what you love or you’re chasing the wrong career.  People who truly love something, do it on their own time.  For instance, right now, I just got done DJing an event at City Hall in Downtown Phoenix and when I finally got home from a 14 hour day, I wanted to write this blog.  It sounds crazy but not if you know what drives me.  I love many things such as writing, thinking, connecting with other people (which is why I love social media), and obviously, giving career tips.  I love seeing human beings develop and realize their potential and I really love seeing people overcome obstacles because it inspires me.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

On the flip side, I get really frustrated when people waste their potential, have victim mentalities, or always have excuses for why they can’t be successful. One of the common reasons people say they weren’t able to succeed at something was because they didn’t get something they needed.  People say, “well, no one taught me that,” or “I don’t have money, a car, help,” etc.  When people say they didn’t “get”something they needed, they fail to realize that resources don’t just fall from the sky – they are sought after.  If you always focus on what you don’t have and use it as an excuse as to why you couldn’t achieve a goal, you’re trainig yourself to think two things:

  1. Success should be easy
  2. Success is about being given resources

What is Success Really About?

Success is characterized by the exact opposite of these ideas.  Success is about resourcefulness.  It’s about having the drive, the focus, the commitment to achieving something, and the determination to see it through – no matter what obstacles get in the way.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Success is simply a matter of luck.  Ask any failure.”  Failures have a tendancy to blaim their shortcomings on anything but themselves.  The difference between failure and success is not about external variables, it is about one variable – YOU.  If it were about external variables, then people with obstacles would never be successful.  Everyone has the power of choice and we are a product of the decisions we make daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute.  Even when you do not choose, you have made a choice.

A Wake Up Call or a Reminder

What are your goals?  Are you making choices daily in alignment with those goals?  If not, I hope this is your wake-up call to know that you can choose to change or continue the same pattern.  Once you are cognizant that your choices are what matter and that you control your destination, you can begin to behave with intentionality – with purpose.  This blog is simply a wake-up call for some of you and a reminder to others who are already awake.

Which one is it for you?

I got my inspiration for this blog from this video from the single line that became my Title.  I love this video! I hope it also inspires you but I really hope that you will inspire someone else.

Pass it on…

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