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The Glogster Resume

Glogster Resume

Re-think the Resume

Career professionals and students alike need to re-think the resume.  The term resume derives from the English word “resumen” which means summation and from the French, “Resumer,” which means to summarize.  However, resumes should never be written to simply summarize; they should be written to persuade.  Resumes have obviously changed but the change is not only in purpose; it is in mediums as well.  Technology has changed our ability to create and distribute our personal advertisements and we are no longer bound to print just like the rest of the marketing world.  Consider how the typewriter, word processing software, the fax machine, email, and the internet have changed personal branding, job search, recruiting, and the way job seekers can advertise themselves to the world of potential employers out there in cyberspace!  It’s mind boggling and it is even more interesting to ponder what the future holds.

What is Glogster?

Glogster is a social network that allows users to create Glogs which are interactive posters that allow users to express their moods, feelings, or anything else they want to express.  Glogster has become so popular in the education world that Glogster launched Glogster EDU, a collaborative learning platform for teachers, educators, and schools.  The site has over 600,000 teachers, 7 million students, 8 million glogs, and there are 12 glogs published every minute!  The cool things about social networks is that user behavior can begin to determine how a tool will be used and the fact that Glogster has caught on in education was likely by accident vs. design.  So, I bet it surprised Glogster to see that people would use the tool to create resumes.

The Glogster Resume

The Glogster resume isn’t something you would submit to an employer when applying to a job.  The Glogster resume is simply another example of creative self advertising.  Some people are critics of new forms of personal advertising the Glogster resume represents because they say you can’t submit it to an employer, thus, it is pointless.  These critics who may also dismiss the infographic resume miss the point because they are still thinking in old fashioned ways.  A tool like a Glogster resume is simply used as another means of personal promotion and self advertisement and obviously has different marketing distribution channels – of course you wouldn’t print it and submit it to an employer!  Everyone needs to re-think the resume, expand its definition beyond the traditional print advertisement we are all accustomed to seeing, and stop thinking of it as a tool to apply to jobs.  It is an advertisement and ads don’t just live in print nor do they serve one purpose.  That being said, check out my interactive Glogster Resume.  Feel free to explore by clicking on the content and then, go and make your own and share by posting a link to yours in the comments section.

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