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Top 5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Job (Humor)

This is a Guest Post from Miguel Aguirre.

With all the negative information we here about unemployment rates, slow job growth, and the poor economy, I thought it was time to laugh about all the stuff we hear on the news.  I sent a text message to my friend, Miguel Aguirre (one of the funniest guys I know) and asked him to think about a funny list of 5 reasons to be thankful for one’s job.  Instantly, he spouted off several text messages off the top of his head which had me rolling.  Here are the 5 funniest I wanted to share.  Hopefully, you get a laugh out of it as I did:

Number 5 – You’ll still be watching everyone else buy stuff on Black Friday but at least you’ll be bagging it for them

Number 4 – You play Farmville all day but it’s on the company computer

Number 3 – Even though you’re ineffectual and accomplish nothing, everyone still has to call you Mr. Senator

Number 2 – You won’t have to get a job in the European League

Number 1 – You don’t have to hear Herman Cain say, “You want the job don’t you?”


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