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Top Secret Job Search Trick You Haven’t Tried

Don’t You Wish?
Everyone loves tips and tricks so I thought I would share one that you likely have not considered.  What kind of Careertipster would I be if I didn’t share a tip or two?  If you’re like most job seekers, you probably have some favorite websites you use to search for jobs, learn from other professionals in your field, get inspiration, or places you get career advice (like Careertipster).  If you’re in a niche industry, you likely have your favorite websites to learn more about accounting, gaming, graphic design, law, or whatever niche it is that is relevant to your career.  I bet you’ve also wished you knew of other websites similar to your favorites because you love them so much.  Don’t you wish you were as knowledgeable as others who seem to always know about the latest or most useful web tool of which you never heard?  I swear, I’m getting to the trick soon…actually, right now.

What’s the Trick?
A great website to use is  It is a website that allows you to search for websites similar to your favorites.  For instance, do you love Mashable and wish you could find other websites similar to it?  Try and see which others are similar.  Do you like LinkedIn and wish you knew of other professional networking sites?  Perhaps you have a favorite tutorial site and want to find others on the web.  Are you getting the picture now?  The same is true for your favorite job search engines or job boards.  Look up anything and you can find similar websites.  It’s a trick most people don’t use because they haven’t heard of this tool or because they didn’t know how to use it to find a job or other resources that can help them with their career development.

The Best Researchers Find The Jobs
The best job seekers are awesome researchers.  They research jobs but they also research companies, people, forums, networks, tutorials, and so many other things to help them get an edge.  Give it a try and see what you discover to improve your professional development and your job search.  Every job seeker needs to use every resource available to them and this is another powerful resource and tactic.

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