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What Students Ought to Know About Applying for an Internship

When it comes to applying for an internship, do you even know how to get prepared? Below you will find amazing tips!


– First, find out about the company and the position, which you aspire. In other words, try to memorize information about the desired internship. To the question: why are you interested in our offer? It will not be enough to meet a friend so that he or she can tell you about it. You should rather be aware of the demands of the internship and show you are the ideal candidate.

– Remember also to learn some details of the company and its operations. The main activity, the size, key figures, the names of the leaders and as much as you can about the market circumstances in which the company develops. Moreover, feel free to multiply your sources of information. Think outside the box!


You should opt to make your own professional balance. To do this, bring along your resume and train yourself by summarizing what you’ve learned previously (management of companies, programs). You should be able to clearly explain the logic of your special journey (why these titles, these practices in addition to these previous collaborations).

Your personal dimension is also important. It is not common for a company to put emphasis on this type of questions: Are you married? Do you have children? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Try to stress the fact, that the dynamism and responsiveness are your main goal! Finally, give some detail of what you like doing during your free time.

How to behave during the interview?

It is important because it is the first thing the interviewer notices. Remember to be presentable, seeking care for your appearance, choosing tasteful clothes, not too extravagant, and avoid bright colors. Try to avoid any sign displaying your lack of security.

Your face

Another detail that makes the difference is your face. You know it is useless to go for UV sessions or attend an internship interview as soon as you are back from your vacation in the Caribbean. Dark circles can also bring problems. For instance, would you feel like giving responsibility to a person who may have spent the night out partying?

Avoid wet hands, the so hated stuttering and doubt between answers. Take deep breathes and if you’re worried, consider relaxation techniques.

If you happen to have a previous bad experience, you must be ready to explain this issue. Why a temporary contract did not become permanent? Try to come up with a natural answer. It’s always up to you to fully tailor your explanations to the context. For instance, if the company had financial difficulties, you can stress on such fact – there should be no shame when telling. Maybe you can simply say you wanted to expand your horizons. In contrast, strictly avoid lying or exaggerating or else this can become a huge lie!

Keep in mind, you should always be careful, the internship is at your hands but don’t lie because they may call your former employer to verify each of your statements! Have you ever applied for an internship? Are you ready to venture into such a fantastic opportunity?

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