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When Going Back to School is a Career Saver

When Going Back to School is a Career Saver

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Almost everyone dreams of getting a good job, climbing the corporate ladder and eventually retiring as a member of upper level management with stock options. However, in reality, it can be very difficult to climb the corporate ladder if you are unqualified. If you skipped college or started out with a bachelor’s degree, you may be limited in how far you can go in your career. Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to college in order to save your career.

Getting That Promotion

Although you may be completely qualified to get a promotion in your field, your company may have specific policies that prevent it from hiring people without a college degree. If you work for a large company, they may like to hire only individuals with MBA’s beside their name. This is more about prestige than anything, but it is the way that things go in corporate America in many cases. If you feel like you keep getting passed over for promotion after promotion, you may want to consider going back to school and getting the degree that you have so far failed to obtain.

Going Back to School

If you are interested in going back to school and getting your first degree or adding another degree to your resume, there are several options for you to consider. Some companies offer tuition reimbursement plans that help pay for your school costs while you are working at the company. With these plans, you will pay for the classes and then complete them. After you prove that you completed the courses, your company will reimburse you for the cost.

Another option to consider is getting student loans from the federal government. Getting student loans to pay for college is very simple and almost anyone can get approved for them. For example, Perkins loans and Stafford loans are two options that the government offers for students. You’ll need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is a document that helps the government determine how much money you have and whether you are eligible for grants or subsidized loans.


Once you get the money and apply for class, you’re ready to start taking classes. Most colleges offer night classes or online courses to help you work around your work schedule. Then it becomes a matter of dedication on your part. If you can stick with it until you get your degree, you’ll be able to get that promotion and start advancing your career.


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