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Which Dream Team Member Are You?

A workplace “Dream Team” requires a balanced mix of skilled players, placed in roles that best utilize each of their talents. Software Advice recently published a series of personality profiles on four types of top performers, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and the jobs in which they excel. So while you’re job hunting, consider these characteristics and see where you fit on the Dream Team.

Are You A Giver?
A Giver is a supporting player who puts others first, both at home and in the workplace. They come in early, stay late and go above and beyond for their team and the company. While they can be great leaders, they don’t really want to be the “boss.” They perform best when their goals are presented to them. Givers are loyal to the company they work for and always follow the rules. However, sometimes they give so much that they burn themselves out.

Givers are great supporters, so they excel in customer service and support roles where they can help customers or executives directly. This makes them excellent administrative assistants, customer service representatives and even managers.

Are You A Champ?
The Champ is your archetypal high-performing salesperson. Champs are high-energy and charismatic; they love interacting with people, and know how to read them. They have confidence in their abilities and are driven to be the best at what they do–and they often succeed. However, most Champs also have a Chip on their shoulder. In most cases, this drives their ambition; but in others, it manifests itself in cockiness and problems with authority.

Champs have the greatest propensity for success in sales, C-suite executive and political roles, where a competitive edge, strong leadership and communication skills are required.

Are You A Matrix Thinker?
Matrix Thinkers are exceptionally creative, both artistically and intellectually. They are constantly absorbing inputs from everything in their environment, and frequently connect the dots between ideas in revolutionary ways. Matrix Thinkers are innovative problem-solvers and are often visionary — but they may struggle with communicating their ideas to others. They can become bored and distracted quickly, and may be impulsive decision-makers. When highly-functioning, they are brilliant; when poorly-functioning, they are in chaos.

The best roles for Matrix Thinkers are creative positions that stimulate their intellectual and imaginative drive. Matrix Thinkers typically excel as designers, artists or content writers. Those who have a good handle on their communication skills and have the confidence to prove their groundbreaking ideas can rise to the ranks of CEO. They have the potential to be visionary leaders.

Are You A Savant?
Savants are independent and are natural problem-solvers. Their focus and determination allow them to concentrate intensely for hours at time, often times not stopping until the project is complete. They are self-motivated perfectionists that hold themselves to high standards, and strive to deliver the best possible product. Savants have developed a superior talent in a single field; they’re really good at what they do.

Savants excel in writing, research, and creatives roles. They are natural wordsmiths, and their problem-solving nature makes them great researchers. Their creative skills and active imaginations combined with their natural talent for words makes them great content creators or editorial directors.

By understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, you can place yourself in a job situation where you can really shine and make an impact as a Dream Team member.  The sky’s the limit on what you can achieve.

To read the in-depth profiles visit the New Talent Times.

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