Educating Yourself Online to Secure the Job You Want


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You went to college and got that degree, but haven’t used some of those skills acquired for so long that you wonder if you could even claim them on your resume. However, when it comes to job applications, the more education you can claim the better. But you don’t exactly want to write down skills that you don’t know if you are able to perform anymore

While opting to find colleges in Miami, Chicago, LA, or where ever you live is a great way to get the additional education you need, opting to use a few free online resources to brush up on your skills can also be a great way to get the know how you need to land the job you want. These resources won’t replace an actual degree, but they can help you review those you once had so that you can impress any future employer:

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is possibly one of the most efficient and comprehensive learning tools on the web. The site offers hundred of quick tutorials ranging in anything from basic algebra to language to accounting.

So if you are needing to brush up on your financial skills or bookkeeping practices that you learned eons ago but haven’t touched since then, consider watching a few Khan Academy tutorials. There are quizzes and reviews at the end of each lessons, and the skills you learn will keep you from falsifying skills and will help you impress a potential boss.


Similar to the Khan Academy, Wikiversity offers a wide variety of lessons and information covering nearly every subject matter. However, Wikiversity isn’t as video intensive and offers a few other features that makes it a different type of learning resource.

Through Wikiversity, you can join forums and discussions that will allow you to discuss lessons and information with others using the online tool. So if you have any questions or don’t quite understand specific concepts, you can ask your “classmates” or authorities on the subject matter for further clarification. It is literally like participating in a university Blackboard discussion without paying the steep tuition fees.

BBC Languages

Knowing a second language is perhaps one of the most beneficial skills a person can have when looking for a job. As the world becomes more connected, knowing Spanish and Mandarin, in addition to your native English, can quickly put you at the forefront of a stack of applications.

So if you are struggling with securing employment, consider getting on BBC languages or one of the various free language learning resources online. BBC languages is by far one of the most comprehensive and offers a wide variety of auditory and text-based lessons.

Getting a job in today’s market is by no means easy, but most job hunters already know that. What many struggle with is why they can seem to secure a job, and figuring out what they need to do to make themselves more enticing. You’ve already got the degree, so why not further those skills and that knowledge you have already attained by using online learning tools. They’ll boost your skills and confidence, making you even more likely to secure employment.


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