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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest to Further Your Career

You already have your Facebook and Twitter chugging along as part of your career networking platform, as these two social networks tower over competitors as far as user numbers and activity, according to Infographic B2B. However, up and coming niche-oriented social networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, and even Pinterest are doing something different. They are giving you access to the people and companies you need to connect with to really solidify yourself in your field.


Out of these three social networks, LinkedIn works the best for all types of career paths. It’s touted as the professional social network and is geared for making connections with individuals and companies. LinkedIn has its own extensive job board that allows companies to easily post positions to the site. When you see interesting positions, you can take a look at the company and see whether you know anyone working for them. If you have connections, you can send LinkedIn messages to try to leverage your network into getting an interview.

LinkedIn groups are another networking goldmine, according to US News. These groups may have their own job tab, separate from the rest of the site, and you interact directly with other group members. When you find a group that fits your professional interests, start topics or respond to discussions to begin making contacts within your industry. You never know who is going to introduce you to the next big thing.


AOL Jobs recommends taking a look at Google+ when you’re diving into your career advancement tactics. While it’s nowhere near as popular as Facebook, it has been gaining ground and has the advantage of being connected to all of the other Google products that you use. If you are chatting with someone on Gtalk, they can take a look at your Google+ profile, so having that filled out with your professional information is a great idea. Another way you want to put Google+ to use for your career advancement is by making a connection without personally knowing that person. You can add people who don’t have you on their Google+ in one of your circles. A notification appears for the other person, and it’s possible that the big name CEO that you just added is taking a look at your profile. You also want to utilize the clean interface of Google+ to create content and updates that show off your professional knowledge. This way, you can keep the more personal information on Facebook or a more personal Google+ account.


Pinterest is a huge site that’s dedicated to pinning arts, crafts, food, projects, and countless other pieces of content found across the Internet. It also happens to be quite user friendly, so many creative businesses make it their home here. If you’re looking to break into a career as a graphic designer or join up with your favorite crafter in a partnership, Pinterest of iAcquire Phoenix and other business boards is where you’re going to find them. Talk to the companies you’re interested in and let them know that you enjoy the items they’re pinning, their overall designs, and their style.

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