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How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter: The Basics

So you’ve decided you want to leave your current employer.  Perhaps it’s to pursue another opportunity or perhaps it’s because you are so fed up, you can’t stand to be there for another day!  Regardless of the situation, to avoid burning bridges and to maintain your professional relationships while demonstrating your own professionalism, a standard two week notice is highly recommended accompanied with a professional resignation letter.  A resignation letter is a formal written announcement of the intent to leave a currently held position and is expected even when verbal notice of your intent has been provided.  But, what makes a resignation letter “professional?”  Let’s look at the basic components and a sample you can easily follow.

The Basic Components

  1. Your complete name
  2. Your mailing address (additional contact information can also be included in a header or placed in the footer)
  3. The date (current) the letter was written
  4. Name of the appropriate receiver such as the HR Manager, immediate Supervisor, etc.
  5. Address of the receiver
  6. Formal greeting (i.e. Dear Jane)
  7. Immediate announcement of intent to resign
  8. State the resigning position or post and company name in opening sentence
  9. State the effective date of your resignation
  10. Demonstrate gratitude for the experience to end with a positive note
  11. Include a formal closing (i.e. Sincerely, Best Wishes, etc.)
  12. Include your signature and printed name

Example of a Professional Layout of a Resignation Letter:

[Your Complete Name]

[Current Mailing Address] [Current’s Date] [Name of Receiver] [Address of Receiver]

Dear [Name of Receiver],

I am writing to inform you of my resignation from my position of [Position Title i.e. Accounts Officer] at [Your Company’s Name i.e. XYZ Co.]. In accordance with the period of notice decided within my employment contract, my last working day will be [mention the date when it will be finished i.e. January 1, 2015].

I would like to take this chance to convey gratitude to you for all of the opportunities offered to me during my time employed with [Company Name]. I have gained valuable experience and enjoyed working with such a dedicated team, however, at this point in my career; I believe it is best for me to explore new opportunities.

I’m committed to ensuring a smooth and productive transition and am happy to collaborate on a transition plan.

I wish you the absolute best for a successful future!


______________ (sign)

[Your Complete Name] [Your Contact Number]


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