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The Titans of Reputation Management


Reputation is a vital asset for any business, and it’s estimated to contribute 4 to 5 percent of sales revenue per year. If it gets tarnished, it can lead to a loss of credibility and customers. The key to protect the online image and branding of a business is to monitor search results, respond to defamatory content and be proactive on the web.

However, reputation management is no easy feat, but companies have the convenience of turning towards the reputation management industry. There are some serial entrepreneurs in reputation management that are allowing businesses to take control of their online reputation.

Here’s a list of the titans of reputation management;

1. Steven Wyer

Steven Wyer has been in the game for over six years, and is the proud owner of Reputation Advocate. He believes managing reputation requires a unique skill set, which isn’t found in most business people. According to him, it’s impossible to keep up with the speed at which online indexing, algorithms and content changes, unless a company is proactive on a day-to-day basis like he and his team are over at Reputation Advocate. The internet doesn’t have any favorite company owners, so Steve and his company aims to provide businesses protection from the unpredicted and unknown.

2.  Michael Fertik

By going over the Michael Fertik bio, it shows that he has done a lot for the reputation management and internet security industries. He’s the CEO of, a company that has been listed as a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company. According to Fertik’s interview (conducted by New York Times, a data privacy vault is needed to control one’s image online. He and his company help businesses to recover from negative information, providing them with necessary tools to define their online position. The blog of Fertik’s company is constantly updated with case studies and new findings on online reputation for businesses.

3. Cliff Stein

Cliff Stein is the CEO of Reputation Changer. He made a press release last year, stating even online review sites aren’t trustworthy. Cliff Stein’s company has over 100 employees that work full-time and are dedicated to provide full control over online image for companies. The company also keeps up to date with search engine algorithms and evolves with them. Cliff’s company relies on a patent-pending technology that provides businesses with tools that allows them to manage multiple digital assets across different online channels. The vision is to give full-end control to clients.

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