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What’s the Difference Between a Job and a Career?

Jobs and careers are similar in many respects, but they are still very different things. Although interrelated, you should never confuse a job with a career. Knowing how to distinguish between them can help you to plan for your future professional life.

About Jobs

As a worker, you sell hours of labor to an employer. That is what a job is. It is an arrangement you have with a business in which you provide services in exchange for payment and other forms of compensation. Unless you have been blessed with an abundance of wealth, you will probably need to have a job to earn your living at some point.

To get a job, you must convince a hiring manager that you have abilities that are valuable to the organization. You will be expected to perform your duties proficiently and within certain deadlines. In exchange, you will receive the compensation that you have agreed to.

Employers can demand your time and your best effort while you are working for them. They expect you to live up to your end of the employment agreement and hold you responsible for your performance. A job is not a career, but a job can lead to a career or contribute towards one.

About Careers

A career is part of a lifestyle. It is a collection of interests, educational achievements, and work experiences that build a level of expertise in field. An employee may work for a single company for a lifetime and develop a career through that one job. That type of employment arrangement is becoming a rarity, and most individuals will require many different jobs and opportunities to build up the expertise necessary to clearly define a career.

For most, a career starts with a choice in education. Degree programs and vocational training prepare new entrants to the job market with the skills that they need to compete. Those that perform better in their studies are often given preference by employers.

As you consider your first job after graduation, you will want to be aware of the prospects for advancement in your career. Will your employer train you? How often will you be eligible for promotion? Will you need to return to school to obtain an advanced degree? Each job you accept is an opportunity to build upon your existing career.

Choosing Career Training

There are many career options available for those just starting or for those considering a change. Business training programs are excellent for those who want to advance in their industries. They prepare graduates to take on leadership roles or to start and run their own companies.

A training program in the medical or healthcare industry can also lead to a rewarding career. With a growing and aging population, the demand for trained healthcare experts and technicians is also growing. These careers are stable, and these professionals have many options when choosing where to work and live.

Technical skills can lead to careers in the trade or technology industries. Electricians and building maintenance technicians can find work just about anywhere, and they can even open their own contracting businesses. IT professionals are in high demand, and the cyber security field is one of the fastest growing in the nation.

A job is a short-term business arrangement, but a career is a choice that will impact every aspect of your life. Consider your options carefully, and always work to build your career through any job you accept.

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