The 5 Most Significant Factors in Determining College Success

While college can seem intimidating and overwhelming to a lot of people, studies have shown that there are major determining factors that make or break a successful college student. Believe it or not, success is college is not always clearly correlated with just making good grades. There are other driving and determining factors that produce a successful college graduate. Here are the five most significant factors in determining college success.

Defined Career Path

Successful college students do not enter their studies with an unclear and murky understanding of exactly what it is they would like to do in life. When you know exactly what profession you would like to enter, it makes it very easy to select the appropriate degrees fitting for that desired occupation or career. Obviously someone who wants to go into nursing should look for ground or online RN to BSN programs just as someone interested in animation or programming should look at programs that will allow them to pursue degrees in those topics.

Study Habits

College success is definitely driven by how diligent and discipline one is towards studying. Having good study skills is not just a matter of sitting in a library for hours end on cramming information into your head. Good study skills means that you know how to prioritize your day to fit in the appropriate amount of time to digest material from class. It also means you know how to say no to extracurricular and social activities that will possibly interfere with your ability to study.

Social Skills

A successful college student has a fine balance between school and fun. You can’t stay bound up in a dorm room or a library all day long studying. Granted, there are going to be times where this might be necessary, however college success is also predicated on a balance between hard work and fun. Those who are organized and disciplined with their time know how to fit in the right amount of fun and relaxation in order to deal with a hectic school schedule.

Stress Management

Another aspect to student success in college is the ability for students to clearly manage their stress. This comes from learning how to not take on too much load from school and also know how to balance social life with school life. Another aspect to stress management is knowing how to develop positive and long-lasting relationships with family members, friends and other peers who are going to be supportive of your educational endeavors. College can be difficult when you have virtually no strong social support.


Last but most importantly, college success is also based on a strong sense of self-belief and self-confidence. Those who believe they can achieve their academic goals will definitely do it. It might be a struggle, but their persistent belief drives them to put in the necessary amount of work in order to accomplish their dream of graduating from college.

Hopefully these five factors will inspire you make the necessary changes in your life to graduate from college and become what you want to become.

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