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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for the Job Seeker

Beginner's Guide to Social Media for Job Seekers

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for the Job Seeker

This blog post is simple.  I designed a handout meant for Career Services professionals working in a college environment who want or need a student handout or downloadable learning material for their career center to educate students on how to use social media.  I hope it helps you.  Here you go world:


  • Good resource. As a member of the workforce in today’s generation, there’s definitely a lot of things out there that can help with your career whether you want to become an influential source in the niche, or trying to get your skills recognized.

    One tiny question: What made you to draw the conclusion to include “Twitter” into the “Blogs/Microblogs” section as opposed to Social Networking? Do you find that it’s used more for linking to articles/topics, rather than people discussing with each other?

    In general, Twitter is probably one of the few networks out there that encompasses a lot of things when it comes to social media, and in my opinion, almost make it a necessity for people to have one.

    • Dan,

      Good question. Ultimately, Twitter is a micro blog to publish content. Online social networks, to me, are more designed to be communities, much more rich in opportunities for shared experiences centered around common interests. What are your thoughts?

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