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5 Companies Disrupting Traditional Recruiting and Job Search

5 Companies Disrupting Traditional Recruiting and Job Search

Social media is all the buzz these days but equally fascinating as the explosion in technology we are witnessing is the explosion of innovation.  In the book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, author Clay Shirky says, “We are living through the largest increase in expressive capability in human history.”  Whereas this means there is an abundance of worthless content being created, there is also an explosion of creative ideas and social media is allowing those ideas to spread faster than ever.  Business ideas are no exception as we have seen many technology start-ups, each with a different approach to solving challenges using technology, often times, incorporating social networks.  What are some of those companies disrupting traditional recruiting and job search tactics?  I’d like to make you aware of five but warning, as with all start-ups, there is no guarantee these companies will exist even next year:

5 Companies Disrupting Traditional Recruiting and Job Search

  1. ReadyForce: ReadyForce is a start-up company based in Menlo Park, CA and backed by 12.2M in Venture funding.  The company seeks to solve the problem of connecting students from top colleges around the country to fast growing startups and technology companies.  Users of the ReadyForce platform complete one online application and one video interview and are exposed to 500 fast-growing technology companies (the site states 500 specifically but hopefully this grows!).
  2. is a unique online application that allows users to post job ads to social networks and add rewards and incentives for people to spread the word.
  3. Jibe: Jibe is a software company that offers recruiting solutions focused on mobile, referrals and cross-platform job board postings.  The company has a suite of innovative tools but perhaps the most impressive capability is that the Jibe platform is fully integrated with all major applicant tracking systems (ATS).  Backed by 6.88M in Venture Funding, this New York-based company has tremendous opportunity to innovate recruiting through mobile, social, and traditional integration.
  4. Superscout: Superscout is a social recruitment and career networking site.  Employers and candidates can create profiles and while remaining anonymous, candidates add companies to their career network to receive news and job updates.  The anonymous profiles can be searched by companies and companies logged in can “nudge” candidates to apply for a job which then allows the employer to access the entire candidate profile.
  5. RECOMY – RECOMY is a one-stop social career & recruiting platform.  Users can use their social network to find jobs, rate companies, endorse friends and build a cross-platform professional network spanning Facebook, G+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Companies can recruit from these social platforms in one place and have access to useful tracking and analytics.

Which of the five listed here do you feel is most promising?

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