10 Things That May Surprise You About Your Freshman Year Of College

Everyone tells you how exciting college is, so you really look forward to going. It’s great to have the freedom to party and have fun – but college isn’t just about enjoying yourself. There are a lot of things that nobody mentions – they’re not necessarily bad, but there are some things you need to know …

People change. You won’t be aware just how much they change until you – or they – start college. Friends that you’ve known for years suddenly turn into different people, and your oldest friend suddenly doesn’t want to know you. It hurts, but people do grow and change. College is a chance to reinvent yourself and your life and be a new person. So don’t be surprised if your friendships don’t survive going to college.

You miss your mom. As you look forward to going to college, you think that you’ll love the freedom and won’t want to even call your folks. But it takes many freshmen by surprise just how much they miss their parents. Just because you’re now an adult doesn’t mean that you don’t need your mom sometimes. And she’ll be on the other end of the phone if you need her.

Call your mom for support. Parents may not seem that cool, but anything you experience she’s been there first. Whatever you need advice on, she can help. Parents were your age once, so don’t forget that they’re human too.

Don’t miss out. Be brave and throw yourself into college life. There’s plenty going on, so make the most of your time and don’t be too shy or intimidated to participate.

Take time to chill. On the other hand, sometimes you just need to chill. Don’t party every single night, or you’ll soon burn out and your grades will suffer. If you’d really rather stay in one night, don’t be afraid to turn down an invitation. You don’t have to party just because someone insists you should come out with them.

Comforts of home.  Take a few things that remind you of home – you’ll really appreciate them when you’re feeling lonely.

Go home. Going home for a visit will make everyone happy – including you. You’ll probably appreciate the comforts of home more than you expect after having to look after yourself. And you’ll miss your family, even if you don’t expect to.

The ‘Freshman 15’ is real. Make sure you take some exercise, and resist the temptation to exist on nothing but fast food and beer. Cook yourself a decent meal instead of grabbing a burger, and walk as much as you can. Use your college gym if you have one.

Learn to say no. Being disciplined will pay off. Get your studying done before you go out, rather than going out and then having to rush an assignment in a panic. If you don’t meet the deadline consider using an essay writing service such as Assignmentmasters, but not too often. You can turn down an invitation if you need to work or just don’t want to go out. It’s ok to say no!

Enjoy college. Three or four years may seem like a long time, but you’ll be graduating before you know it, so make the most of your time at college and grab the opportunities it has to offer.

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