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Zerply Makes Finding Professionals on LinkedIn Easier

Finding Professionals on LinkedIn Just Got Easier

Has anyone else had trouble finding people on LinkedIn with similar interests?  No, just me?  I must not be the only one because a new startup company called Zerply has an awesome product that has only been on the market for a short time but I’m already geeked out about it!

Zerply makes it so easy to find other professionals on LinkedIn with its easy to use search engine and intuitive interface.  Imagine needing a Photographer for your wedding, a DJ for your Anniversary, or a Web Designer and being able to use LinkedIn like the yellow pages.  Imagine being a Recruiter who needs to find a candidate for a niche position.  Zerply makes the people search easier.  Social Media is changing everything and it is exciting to see all the cool tools being built.  This is another great tool that recruiters are going to love but anyone using LinkedIn to network will also like Zerply.

Check Out This Video with Zerply CEO Showcasing his Product

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  • Hi, thanks for the review. I must point out that Zerply is an independent network to LinkedIn which wasn’t so clear in Roberts review (but has since been rectified). Basically you can find professionals that are on LinkedIn also via Zerply presuming that 1) they have set up a Zerply account 2) imported their LinkedIn data and connected it as a service.
    You’re absolutely right in that Zerply brings a simple and easy to use discovery element to professional networking that is missing on the traditional business networks.

    • Hey Justin, thanks for describing your product in more detail. I was hoping people would give it a try and explore it for themselves. I’m an early adopter of new technologies and really liked Zerply. I must ask, where did the name come from?

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